Lotrene LLDPE

Qatofin’s linear low density polyethylene resins produced through Butene copolymerization is more than just a general purpose polyethylene resin.

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This product also blend easily with LDPE and HDPE for recombining performance


The polymerization system consists of a 1-line reactor with a capacity of 450,000 tons of LLDPE resins per year to be sold in the domestic and international markets. The production technology is licenced by the US-based Univation technologies, holder of the international patent for the UNIPOL PE gas phase process (ex Union Carbide) which combines polymerization and state-of-the-art last generation catalysts.


In packaging applications it offers good aesthetics, printability, strength and processing on today’s high speed lines for use as film

In cost sensitive packaging markets, Qatofin’s LLDPE resins can improve mechanical and welding efficiencies, including products for heavy duty bags, produce bags and agricultural bags. Resins exhibit high gloss and low odour; they are suitable for food packaging applications.