In our fourth decade of operation, USI Corporation has accumulated a capitilization of NT $9.9 billion Initially founded under the sole investment of National Distillers and Chemicals in the United States, USIFE (former name) established Taiwan’s first LDPE factory in Jenwu Petrochemical Industrial Park in Kaohsiung County. In the subsequent years, the company steadily expanded production facilities and capacity, as well as incorporated HDPE, EVA and LLDPE into its production line.

USI Corporation’s main business is on the manufacture and sale of PE resins. The company’s high quality LDPE and HDPE enjoy great poularity in the market and retain a high market share

Our continuous efforts in product research and development result in advancements in catalysts and in new formulation. We maintain close working relationships with our downstream processors and supply them with EVA to create and develop finished products such as beach slippers, floats, shoe soles, midsoles, and hot melt applications.

In the pursuit of sustainable development, USI Corporation is vigorously working toward to increasing productivity, reducing manufacturing costs, improving market competitiveness, and expanding market share. We are also seeking corporate alliances, structural improvement, and higher value products to strengthen capacities and generate greater profits. In 1966, we established a Customer Service Laboratory to not only research new technology but also serve our customers. In 1982, the Laboratory was moved to Linkou, Taipei County, and became a multi-functional center for PE development and research. Covering an area of approximately 19,835 square meters, the new site includes professional laboratories, experimental plants, and reactor equipments. In December 1995, our outstanding research accomplishments were recognized with a Gold Prize in the petrochemical & livelihood category in the fourth annual Industrial Awards, sponsored by the Ministry of Economic Affairs. In the same year, we received the ISO-9002 quality certification.

In recent years, USI Corporation has dedicated itself to diversifying its business and investments in different sectors including the electronics, materials, and finance and venture capital industries. Consequently, we have strengthened our competitiveness in the international market. We will continue to explore new and better opportunities for further development of the future.

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