Thermally Conductive Compounds


Avient’s Therma-Tech™ thermal management compounds have been engineered to combine the heat transfer and cooling capabilities of metals with the design freedom, weight reduction and cost advantages of thermoplastics. These materials provide the benefits of proprietary conductive additive technologies and the performance of select engineering thermoplastic resins. Therma-Tech compounds have been shown to improve thermal conductivity by 50-100 times that of conventional plastics and can be used in a wide range of thermal management applications.

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Therma-Tech compounds offer designers a unique solution for heat-sensitive applications:

  • Unlike traditional plastics, which are insulators and prevent heat from escaping, Therma-Tech compounds enable heat to be distributed evenly throughout the part and away from the heat source.
  • Unlike traditional metals, which are limited by their convection cooling, Therma-Tech compounds offer greater efficiency because the convection rate and thermal conductivity rate are closely matched.


Primary benefits of Therma-Tech compounds compared with fabricated metal include:

  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Reduced weight
  • Lower cost compared with machined components, as well as lower shipping cost
  • Inherent corrosion/oxidation resistance
  • Design flexibility, more complex shapes
  • Part consolidation, reduced assembly costs


Therma-Tech compounds are an ideal choice for applications in a variety of industries, including transportation, appliance, and electrical and electronic.