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Asia is the fastest growing market for polyamides in the world, with the majority of that growth concentrated in China. As an integrated producer of PA 6/66, DOMO Chemicals is committed to improving and expanding its production facilities in Asia in order to increase capacity and establish a strong presence. This will help local manufacturers keep pace with emerging trends and create innovative, high-performance and sustainable products and applications.


Currently, the DOMO Chemicals Asia site is located in Jiaxing city, in the central hinterland of Yangtze River Delta with convenient transportation and abundant resources. We are serving Asian customers with an extensive variety of product solutions including nylon 6, nylon 6.6 and high-temperature nylon (HTN) functionalized compounds for the automotive, electrical and consumer goods industries.

Since 2016, DOMO has been well known in the Chinese market as a trusted supplier to the nylon industry. We are committed to investing in Asia to meet their increasing expectations and to meet the increasing market demand for high value and high-quality engineering plastics.

In March 2023, DOMO Chemicals announced the groundbreaking for its new plant in Haiyan, Jiaxing, Zhejiang, China. The new facility will produce TECHNYL® polyamide-based grades and is expected to be in full operation by end of Q1 2024.

It represents a significant investment of €14 million (100 million RMB) and covers a total area of 40,000 square meters. The new plant, which will gradually be expanded to reach a total capacity of 50 kilotons, will be equipped with the latest technology and equipment to meet customer needs, while also contributing to DOMO’s innovation and sustainability ambitions.


DOMO Engineering Plastics started its contract manufacturing operations in India in 2016, followed by a technical center in Navi Mumbai, a suburb of Mumbai. Today, the technical center is equipped with advanced facilities for developing new products and R&D services. It serves its customers with an extensive variety of products and solutions including TECHNYL® nylon 6 and 6.6 functionalized compounds with enhanced performance at high temperatures for automotive, electrical and consumer goods applications.

DOMO Engineering Plastics India is also the first of its kind in the Indian engineering plastics segment to be equipped with a dedicated friction & wear product development laboratory. Thanks to this technical center, the growth in engineering plastics product lines has assured its dedicated presence on the Indian market and can guarantee our customers in India and the countries in this region customized communication. Due to a growing customer base and OEM demand, DOMO is now planning to add its own manufacturing operations at the Navi Mumbai facility, being in operation in Q2 2024.

South Korea

In February 2023, DOMO Chemicals announced a manufacturing contract with MIKA INC, a South Korean plastic compound manufacturing and distribution company. The contract signing ceremony took place on February 14, 2023 and was held at the head office of MIKA INC. As the exclusive owner of the TECHNYL® brand globally since 2022, this new partnership is another milestone in DOMO's ambition to expand the company's nylon-based engineering materials business in Asia.

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