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Customized Polymer Solutions for Challenging Applications

Avient’s Specialty Engineered Materials business supplies high-performance polymer compounds for challenging applications. We combine a broad range of polyolefin, nylon and other engineering resins with the latest in polymer additive, reinforcement, filler and colorant technologies. Add our customer focus, breadth of materials, technical leadership, manufacturing excellence and global supply capabilities, and the result of our collaboration with you is innovative compound solutions that excel in performance and value. Learn how we can help you solve demanding application needs.

Key industries that we serve include appliance, electrical and electronics, industrial, transportation, and wire and cable.

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Our Commitment to Customers

We offer you a quantified competitive advantage by leveraging our combined innovation, speed, flexibility and global coverage. We help you:

  • Solve difficult performance challenges by providing customized engineered
    compounds manufactured from a vast array of polymer types, additives and
    high-performance fillers.
  • Reach new markets and grow your business via our global network of
    compounding technology, technical expertise and support services.
  • Meet regulatory requirements (FDA-compliant, ANSI-certified and
    UL-listed grades available).

Why do customers choose us? Because they know we can help them get it
right, quickly, the first time.